Query Error - TDA 2.7

I am having an issue when I run queries in TDA 2.7. It seems to be rounding my decimals:

TDA Result TOAD Result
151775.9 151775.91
1052052 1052051.74
918839.6 918839.55

I have checked both of these results agianst the actual database and the TOAD result is correct and the TDA is not.

These queries were run in the system and the data was not exported anywhere. I pulled the above results from the ‘Results Frame’ in the application.

We had had a few problems recently with decimals. I have CR81163 for loss of decimal percision when exporting to Excel.

I also have Cr80336 for one decimal place in grid on DB2.

But I do not have a CR or see problems on Oracle. Are you connected to Oracle? What version and what is the DDL for the table. Also, what are your regional settings for display of numbers? I need to reproduce your issue so we can fix.


Here’s my example using TDA 2.7, connecting to a view in Oracle using OraClient10g:

There are two numeric columns, defined the same, precision 2, but one is rounding, the other isn’t! This occurs in the TDA Results window. I don’t have to export it to see it.

I’m not sure where to find the regional settings for display of numbers or the DDL. The data type formatting in Environment/Grid is set to Standard.

Hope this helps with your investigation.


I have reproduced the issue and entered CR81424 to fix. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! It won’t make the first Beta but we will hopefully fix for the next Beta.