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db2move as a means to export tables schemas etc


Have a couple of tables about 100k rows. Instead of export/load going with db2move export

1 $ db2move PASS4 export -aw -l lobs -tn

Application code page not determined, using ANSI codepage 819

***** DB2MOVE *****

Action: EXPORT

Start time: Mon Apr 2 11:17:09 2018

All table names matching: PASS.ACPR_ASESS_XREF;

Connecting to database PASS4 … successful! Server : DB2 Common Server V10.5.8

Binding package automatically … /db2home/rpst4aii/sqllib/bnd/db2common.bnd …
Looking for bind file in current directory … db2common.bnd …
*** SQL0031C File “/res/export/db2common.bnd” could not be opened.

**A DB2 error occured.

Disconnecting from database … successful!



Please check if the filename is correct. See this link: