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DBAs Yelling At My Team for Too Many Open Toad Connections?

I work in data analytics and have 5 people using Toad Data Point to query a SQL Server 2016 box. Every now and again different team members will start to have issues running queries, often getting the error "Lock timeout period exceeded". When we talk to that DBA group, they yell at us and say Toad is keeping dozens of sessions open on the server and that they don't support Toad and we should be using SSMS. In other words, it's our problem. Has anyone had these issues before? Is there some configuration I am not seeing in the settings to prevent this type of issue?

I'm connecting to Oracle mainly, but I did find these settings in the Options.

Yes, I am aware of these, but they simply control when the timeouts occur, not preventing several sessions being created simultaneously on the DB server.

is it with any specific queries or does it occur rather randomly? How large are your databases, how many records do you fetch?

I use Toad for DB2. There is an option under Tools->Options-> Editor-> General
Use individual connection for each open editor.

Maybe you should try un-checking that checkbox.
Shimon J.

Hi all, I'm working with Toad on Oracle, I had similar issue few years ago...

I'm using dblinks over 80 servers and had the error "too much dblinks open" after several queries...
Oracle keep connections open until commit. Some Dbas will say that commit is unnecessary on select, but you should try, it solve all my connections problems...