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DBMS Output master toggle and output area


  • DBMS Ouptut is managed and viewed in Editor
  • DBMS Ouptut is also managed and viewed in a standalone window (View > DBMS Output)
  • Output produced is synced (duplicated) across all available viewing areas (Editors, DBMS Output window) for the session
  • Output on/off state is synced across all sessions for the active connection
  • Output produced outside of Editor execution requires an Editor or the standalone window to be opened for viewing
  • Output polling is either "Automatic" or "Interval"
    • Automatic: polls after execution within the Editor; irrelevant and unavailable in the standalone window
    • Interval: polls every N seconds; only polling method in the standalone window

Proposed - Master Toggle

  • Add a master on/off toggle to the Session menu
  • Add a master on/off toggle to the connection bar's rt-click menu so that it affects the connection that was clicked

Proposed - Simplification of polling method

  • Remove interval polling; always poll automatically following execution from any source: Editor, Schema Browser, Project Manager, etc.
  • Allow for a manual poll via toolbutton

Proposed - Consolidation of output display

  • Consolidate all DBMS Output viewing areas into a single output display per session
  • The single output display will exist on Toad's Output window, shown at the bottom of Toad's main window by default
  • Enabling output for the session will open the Output window, if needed
  • Remove DBMS Output dock panel from Editor
  • Remove standalone DBMS Output main window

I would not want to remove interval polling because it is useful for causing the oracle connection to be maintained and not frequently time out.

Thank you for the feedback, that is a good point.

To be clear, otherwise I am supportive of the suggestions

Thank you, jkerr. If you have not already done so please click the "Vote" button at the top-left of my initial post.

Agree with jkerr. I would not want interval polling to be removed. Otherwise, I am supportive of this idea and have voted.


I use the Session->Transactions dialogue, with an auto refresh to keep my network connection(s) alive.