dbms_output polling causes toad to freeze until PL/SQL script completes

Hi all, newbie needs some help here…

I’m doing PL/SQL scripting using TOAD, and using the dbms_output to help to output out stuff which helps in making sure things run OK. The script will for quite a while. I’ve enabled the “Execute queries in threads” option, and also the “Poll for DBMS Output when detected” option. After I execute the script, the TOAD window will freeze when it starts polling for output, until the script completes. There is no way for me to stop or cancel the script.

From what I can see, it will only freeze when the polling is triggered. Would appreciate if anyone can advise on how I can only trigger the polling for dbms output automatically only when the script completes? I don’t want to manually enable the polling everytime the script completes.