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Script is processing even after SP is completed



I’m executing a long-running SP - around 15-20 minutes - in Toad. I wrote a script with

Nothing is executed after the SP.

When Toad was processing the script, Script Output window showed ‘PL/SQL Procedure successfully completed’ after around 17 minutes of execution. But the ‘Processing script’ window did not stop running even after that. It kept going for an additional 7 minutes before it finally closed and main Toad window became active. I checked the end time printed inside my SP and sure enough, it had run under 17 minutes. Any ideas on the reasons why the ‘Processing Script’ keeps running even after the final statement of the script completes?
This is impacting my testing time



Does the script have output? Do you have the history tab turned on? What version of Toad are you using?

Basically, once the script has been executed, any output is then directed to the output window and to the history window (if that is turned on). It also will output any available query data to grids. If there is significant data/output, it may take some time to process the output. If the output is not needed, an alternative is to execute the script via SQLPlus instead. That will spin off your script to a SQLPlus session and leave Toad available for use.


Well I do have a lot of DBMS_OUTPUT in my program.
Could that possibly be the reason?


It’s very possible. All of the DBMS_OUTPUT polling happens after the script has completed.


Thank you very much!