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Toad 13.3 'Not Responding' When Running SQL

Ever since upgrading to 13.3 when executing a SQL statement, it will randomly freeze up while the time count is on screen and show 'Not Responding'.

Once the SQL has completed and returns and unfreezes.

Is this a known bug in the latest version?

I have seen a short freeze near the end (I think this is during a big fetch) but that's all. Not enough to get the "not responding" state from windows.

how long do your freezes last? Checking this option should prevent that.

The freezes last for as long as the SQL takes to return which can be anything from 30 seconds onward.

Sometimes it just freezes up permanently and you have to kill the program.

Thanks for the advice on the Transactions setting.

I'll see how that goes.

Is there a performance impact on using this setting or anything else I should know about it?

That setting will create a separate session in the database and run your SQL in a background thread.

So with that option checked, just be aware that insert/update/deletes made in the editor won't be available in other areas of Toad until you commit.

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