Problem with debugging in Toad for SQL Server 5.0

I recently installed Toad for SQL Server 5.0. I want to use it for support af an application and it’s associated database, that is currently under Oracle 10g, but will be migrated to SQL Server 2005. In the Oracle database we developed stored procedures, that will have to migrated too, and to do the migration successfully we would like to use the debugging capabilites of Toad.
The first step we did was checking with the Debugger Setup Wizard from Toad if debugging was configured correctly. The conclusion oif this wizard was:

Your configuration is a supported SQL Server 2005 debugger configuration.

However, when I select a stored procedure for debugging, after I enter the Debugger Start Parameters, a popup window appears with the message:

Unable to register debugging on the server.
Review the help file to ensure “Picis_acc\Picis_acc” is configured for debugging.
Error message: Uitzondering van HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)

(see attached document).

Has anyone seen this before and help me with a solution?

ToadDebuggerErrorMessage.doc (80.5 KB)


It seems to me that you have certain security restrictions.

Could you please check that all conditions described in “\Edit SQL\Debug SQL\Configure SQL Debugging” help topic are satisfied?

Please copy report of SQL Debugger Setup Wizard in this thread? You should use “Copy full log to Clipboard” hyper link on “Verify Setup” page of the wizard to get the report in Windows clipboard.