Debug Oracle procedures called from VB.Net


I am trying to “Attach an External Session(from VB.Net) for Debugging” using Toad to debug an oracle function.

This works from one TOAD instance to another using the following commands

Pre-req. The function is compiled with debug.

Toad Session#1

select dbms_debug.initialize() from dual;

exec dbms_debug.debug_on;

Toad Session #2

Then using the menu Debug|Attech external session using the <>

Toad Session #1

select f_pulse from dual

This then brings up Toad Session#2 where I can debug the function f_pulse.

However, when I do the steps completed by Toad Session#1 in VB.Net, the function executes, returning a value without Toad Session#2 debugging the function.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?




it might be best to post this query to the main Toad list instead of
this one. More people monitor the TOAD list and this is more to do with
Toad than SQL.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to help with your problem. :frowning:

Norm. [TeamT]