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Debugging - Can't watch PL/SQL - Tables and Records



since SQL-Navigator 6.0 (currently using 6.2.1) i’m unable to watch PL/SQL-Tables and Records. Quest Support tells me, that this will be fixed with the next release, which will probably appear in Q2/2010.
I can’t believe, that such a fundamental functionality is currently not available (in SQLNav 5.5 it was).
In the internet and knowledgebase i found very less about it. I would expect a exclamation from the most of the users!
It’s only a problem of me??
Can anybody show a workround ?

I appreciate your response.

Best regards


Hi Martin,

I apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. As of today, this bug has been fixed in our internal build and will be ready for our first beta release. We will try to release this beta build some time next week and hopefully it will work for you until the official one is released.