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Delimiter Issue - SQL Navigator 7


my name is Frank. We´re comming from SQL Navigator 5.5 and we now use SQL Navigator

In Sql-Nav 5.5 it was possible to use two pipe signs (double-pipe " || " ) as a column delimiter for export data of a table to a file.

This is a essential function for us. In v7.0.03027 it is not possible to use those two pipe signs as a column delimiter, SQL-Nav 7 does only accept one pipe sign.

Any suggestions how I can use two pipes as column delimiter ? Maybe a workaround ? It´s really important for our work.

Thank you very much for help.



Hello Frank,

Welcome to SQLNavigator 7.0! And thank you for your reporting!

I reproduced what you mentioned about the delimiter, SQLNAV-1236 has been raised for it already. Our dev team is trying to fix it now, hopefully we can make it work in next 7.0 patch for you. :slight_smile:

Any issue please feel free to let us know.

Thanks again,


Hi Frank,

This issue has been fixed in our v7.0.1 patch build. you can download it from our support link:…/download-new-releases

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Thanks again,