Denodo connection from TDP


Based on some of the threads, I see TDP can connect to Denodo environment using ODBC connector. Are there any configurations or settings required either in TDP or Denodo for successful connection? Any documented steps or screenshots would help.


Toad Data Point supports connection and interaction with a wide range of databases and virtual environments. If you take a look at the list of tested and supported native and ODBC connections (official TDP documentation), you'll notice that Denodo isn't included.

I suggest creating a post on the Idea Pond to request support for Denodo specifically, to bring attention to this platform again.

I'm hopeful that someone who has prior experience using TDP with Denodo will participate in the discussion and share their insights with the community.

Thanks, Ivica Nikolic.

A request has been created in the Idea Pond for review.

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