Toad Data Point and Denodo

Because there's not a custom connector between Denodo and Toad Data Point, we are needing to use ODBC. What we have found is that the disconnect and reconnect does not refresh the list of views available in Denodo. Instead, the individuals have to select on the "schemas" tab and refresh the schema or refresh all to get the newly added views to appear.

yes, we don't have any custom connectors to Denodo.
What happens when you do Shift + F5?

Shift + F5 (Refresh all) does not appear to do anything but selecting the "Refresh All" option when you right select does. It's still odd that it works this way. Is it possible to use a Denodo JDBC connection instead of the Denodo ODBC for Toad Data Point?

Which version of TDP are you using? I'd like to test Shift + F5 with it.
No, it's not possible to use a JDBC connector.