Describe table - error

This is the oddest thing, I'm getting an invalid sql error when i try to describe a table.
describe fimsmgr.fgrtots;
Oracle Database Error: ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement.
The table exists and I can select from it. I have access to dba_tab_cols, etc... I really don't understand what is giving me the invaid SQL statement. Is there a log I can check?

DESCRIBE is a SQL*Plus command, and not valid Oracle syntax, so it can't be executed within the TDP Editor.

You can achieve the same effect (viewing an object's meta-data) by choosing View Details off the right-click menu on an object listed in the Object Browser. This creates a "Viewer Doc Tab" on the right-hand side, and its Columns subtab contains the object's attributes, etc. See below...

That works! Thanks.