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Difference between Prompt / Commit / Rollback

Hello everybody !

I make change on the configuration of my Oracle DB with Toad (Audit > Noaudit) and when I leave Toad I’ve this message :


But I don’t understand what is the difference between all this choices :




Can you help me ?


When your connection is ending, Toad will check to see if there is a transaction (data changed but not committed - but use of a DB Link will make cause Oracle to return TRUE for transaction if if there isn’t).

So when Oracle says yes, there is a transaction while you are ending your session in Toad, what do you want Toad to do? Automatically commit? Automatically rollback? Or ask you each time to commit or rollback(prompt)?

Hello John and thank you for your answer.

I understand this window, it’s not a problem, but I don’t understand the difference between this choices : Prompt / Commit / Rollback