Difference of exeuction between SQLPLUS and TOAD


I have an Oracle 19.13 on windows x64.

I've notice a difference of execution between Toad and SQL PLus with the same user and the same instance.

I have a query that when I execute on TOAD it executes in 9 secondes.

And when I executes on sqlplus , on the database server in CMD, it takes more than 1 minutes.

And I can see that the explain plan is lightly differente.

I suspect TOAD to modify slightly via hints or other as session parameter, the execution of the request, what do you think?

It seems that parameter session are similar.


My release of toad:

Toad does not add any optimizer hints.

When you time it in SQLPlus, are you only counting the time until the first row is returned? SQL*Plus spooling is slow, so that could account for a lot of the time.


the time is computed after the last row. But, my query returns only one row.

I did a trace of the sqlplus session. And I can see a lot of "PGA Memory operation" waits. That's why I tough that maybe it could doing sort in local memory computer , something like that.

==> Ok

But explain plan is slightly different.

Are you using the same Oracle client in Toad as in SQLPlus?


the used client is the same on both side.



even with sqlplus -FAST the result is the same.