Toad is slow - very slow

In TOAD, my query takes 18 seconds. In SQL SERVER, it takes less than a second.


TOAD is supposed to be better.

Toad doesn't run your SQL. Toad sends your SQL to Oracle, and Oracle runs your SQL.

There could be a lot of reasons that your query is slower in Oracle. Or maybe it's how you are running it in Toad.

If it is a SELECT that returns a lot of rows and you are running it with F5 (or the button circled in red), try using F9 (or the button circled in green). F9 is almost always better. I explain the differences between the two here.

Confirming if this is Toad for SQL Server against SQL Server with same database and same query.

No, this forum is Toad for Oracle only. Toad for SQL Server is a completely different product with a completely different development team.