Difference Viewer - add format checkbox

When using the Difference Viewer tool, I would like the option to check a box that would auto format both files before the difference compare takes place. This would give a better comparison since the same db object could be save in two databases using different formatting options which leads to false differences. I can accomplish the same thing by opening the both objects, formatting it, then saving the ddl to a flat file and then using the Difference Viewer... but this takes a lot more time.

This button will format both sides.

My screenshot is from Schema Browser -> right click -> Compare, but the Utilities -> Compare Files window has a similar button.

Hi. Hmm. This was an idea for Sql Navigator enhancement and so maybe I didn't post this idea in proper forum?

That or switch to Toad! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You can edit your post and change it to the SQL Navigator Idea Pond forum. Just click where it says "Toad for Oracle" above.

Or here's a link if you just want to repost.

I re-posted on the correct idea pond. Sorry about that.

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