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Display column comments in the ER diagram



We would be able to see the comments added to columns by keeping cursor on column name by selecting macros “Display Entities Note on Workspace” and by running the scripts.

TDM Enhancement Proposal:

1. While presenting the data model html report generated from TDM to business.

2. In the html report we have a tab called “ER diagram”.

3. Html report will not have an option to show the columns comments if we keep the cursor on column name on the ER diagram.

4. It would be great if we have an option for an entity format to display the column comments section in the workspace.

5. Screen snap attached to this thread on 0712 - file name "Attributes Enhancement" [ Refer this thread ] -

6. In the workspace -- Right click on any Entity -- Format -- Entity -- Pick display level as “Attributes” and Introduce a new field to have “Display Column Comments”

Thanks !!