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Display column comments in the ER diagram



Could you please help me on how to display the comments section in ER diagram for the comments entered for columns.

Screenshot attached for your quick reference.

Thanks !!

Display Comments.png


Hello Rajesh,

that is not possible at the time, but there are several alternatives:

  • you can show Notes or Technical Notes of attribute in hint of an attribute (displays when you place mouse pointer on attribute of entity at workspace)
    there is macro called “Display Entities Note on Workspace” (main menu: Macros > Selected Objects) that creates new Note object on workspace with text from that entity note, where you can take inspiration and adapt that to your needs.
  • To transfer Comments to Notes, we’ve created script TransferCommentsToNotes.js in the past (in attachement)

I hope this would help you a little.

Best regards, Michal (618 Bytes)


Hello Michael,

From main menu I used macro “Display Entities Note on Workspace” by selecting the object in the workspace, but I do not see a note object on workspace with text from the entity note.

Once I click on “Display Entities Note on Workspace” it just pops up a small window stating “Loading objects from models”.

I am not sure what it does. Please advise if I am missing something?




Hello Michael,

Now I am able to see the comments added to columns by keeping cursor on column name by selecting macros “Display Entities Note on Workspace” and by running the scripts.

TDM Enhancement Proposal:

  1. We are trying to present the data model html report generated from TDM to business.

  2. In the html report we have a tab called “ER diagram”.

  3. Html report will not have an option to show the columns comments if we keep the cursor on column name on the ER diagram.

  4. It would be great if we have an option for an entity format to display the column comments section in the workspace.

  5. Please find the attached screen snap for quick reference.

  6. In the workspace – Right click on any Entity – Format – Entity – Pick display level as “Attributes”

and Introduce a new field to have “Display Column Comments”

Thanks !!

Attributes Enhancement.png



We still have some challenge to display column comments in the ER diagram.

There is a situation where I need to change the column comments by replacing the reference table. Upon changing the column comments, if I keep the cursor on the column name it still displays the old comments.

I tried by running the macro and by executing the script shared in this thread earlier. But it still displays old comments.

New Comments --> Mapping:
Old comments --> Mapping:

Attached screenshots are for your reference.
Screenshots.pdf (65.5 KB)
Could you please help me to fix this issue to display new comments in the ER diagram ?