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Display format for BIT fields (option to show numeric value)

DECLARE @BitDemo TABLE (bitField BIT)

INSERT INTO @BitDemo VALUES (1), (0), (NULL)


Bit fields are shown as checkmarks in the Toad Grid - why is it not possible to have them displayed as numeric values (0, 1 or NULL)?

I don’t mind having the option to “translate” a value into something more readable (i.e. a checkmark instead of a number) - but it should by my choice, not Quest’s decision. The problem some users might face is how to write a query involving a bit field - since T-SQL doesn’t recognize “WHERE bitField IS CHECKED”, “WHERE bitField = True” or similar constructs - but only the known numeric values.


(try comparing the display in SMSS with Toad)

I’ve tested the above code in 5.6 Beta - and haven’t found any settings to control the display format for bit fields.