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Querying with "null" values

I am trying to run a query in Toad 3.6 with “null” value and numeric values. I have to create a computed field using this data, changing the numeric value to a text. How do I recognize the “null” in the data to convert it to a text in the computed field? I have only been working on Toad for 3 months, so I apologize if I’m asking something that is very easy.

hello kiki242,

What DB provider are you using?

Here is a solution in MS Sql server:

select top 10

 numericColumnWithNulls as originalColumn

,case when numericColumnWithNulls is null then 'Empty row value' else cast(numericColumnWithNulls as varchar(20)) end as newColumn

from myDb.dbo.myTable

In other DB providers it will be something similar - Hope this helps