Is there any way to return to Query builder after exporting to SQL Editor

I start my queries in Query builder but often need to export the code to SQL Editor. Once I have added the bits I need, is there any way of exporting the revised code back to the Query Builder?

Toad for Data Analysis 1.1 does not have this feature yet, but I know that one of our developers is actively working on it for a future release.

What are the features missing from the Query builder that make it necessary for you to edit the query in the SQL Editor?

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Multiple WHERE clause conditions on a single column is the scenario I run into the most.

I find that I’ll send to the Editor after I get my query started and I find my fingers faster than Toad. Also, would be cool to go from Editor to Query Builder when someone sends me a query and I have no idea what it’s doing.

I am an inexperienced user and would like to add things that I can’t do directly in code - e.g. get information from a separate table and combine it with information gained from the previous table. I end up having to start a new query in query builder and then exporting that code to the sql editor.

We have an enhancement request (Quest internal enhancement request 47024) to allow sending a statement from the Editor to the Query Builder.

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