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Double Clicking Table in Object Explorer - Change Behavior?

In the object explorer, when I see a list of table names, 99% of the time in my organization we right click, go down to “Generate SQL” and click “Select statement” or some other SQL statement.

Is there a way to change a setting so that when you double click a table it automatically generates a Select statement? Currently when I double click it brings up an “Alter Table” dialog which we never use. Having it generate a Select statement for that table would save a lot of time.

hi gmrober,

I am not sure whether for double click action, but you can assign a keyborad shortcut:

  1. Go to Menu > Tools > Options
  2. Under Environemnt > Keyboard section
  3. In the middle you see a listbox of modules - expand DatabaseBrowser
  4. Select GenerateSelectStatementAdv
  5. Below there is a textbox labeled as “Assign keyboard shortcut” - enter a shortcut there
  6. Click the Assign button right next to it
  7. OK the window and try it - go to your desired table, press the shortcut (i did CTRL+SHIFT+C) and a new QueryEditor document tab should instantly open with the “select * from db.scheme.tablename” query inside
    ps - nice Fallout avatar (=


Not exactly what I had in mind but just as good! I’ve set up keyboard shortcuts for the most common actions I take after selecting a database table. Thank you!