Doubleclick = TOAD Freeze


I’ve used TOAD for years now, updateing regulary.
Last week, I was suddenly unable to “open a user” (doubleclick on a user to get a popup windows with the user information)
I have the same problem with roles.
The problem is not associated with one signle database - every database i connect to show the same problem.

Only out is to shutdown Toad fra the task manager.

I updated from 10.1.x.x to - still same problem.
Yes … I have restartet my computer several times.

(running Windows 7)

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Still don’t know why the problem occured, but it works (for) now.

Completely uninstall / delete directories.
Then a reboot
… and a new install.

It sounds like a query taking a long time to execute.

To find out what the query is, launch Toad and get it ‘stuck’, then
go to another instance of Toad, connect to the same DB, find the first
Toad’s session in the 2nd Toad’s session browser, and go to the
‘current sql ’ tab. Let me know what the query is.

You probably need to collect statistics on your database.