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I have a colleague who is still on Toad v8.6 - can anyone tell me where I can find a download so he can upgrade to ? (We’re not ready to go to v10 yet - one step at a time…)
I can’t seem to find this on Quest’s site - and I obviously don’t want to go to Warez etc !


There you will find the installer for v10, v9.7, & v9.6.

Good idea on 10, esp as a patch is going out in the next week or so, so
I’d wait till then if you are considering that version.


Many thanks, Jeff.


Remember - you have to be current on your maintenance to use the support site - as it requires login user id and password. At many companies that kind of info is not generally shared throughout the organization, so check with your ordering or accounting people to see who has that access and get them to download it for you - or for them to share your company logon info.

If you are not on maintenance - you are SOL. Do NOT try to download an eval copy from anywhere (e.g. old DVD lying around) and use a commercial key - that will not work and you could end up goofing up your current install.



Naturally, I wouldn’t dream of any form of Toad-hacking :slight_smile:
Hence my original request.


I did not mean to single you out as a hacker per se. But your question is much more universal than just you. We get tech support and/or yahoo people about 3-4 times per month who call in or email to say that their toad install is corrupt and it’s toad’s fault. 99% of the time they have done this eval scenario. Since we get this issue so often and since others can benefit for me restating the position yet once again - that was my intent. I simply meant for the silent majority who might benefit from that advice to see it once again - and again - and again . I guess I could have worded it better so as not to seemingly throw you under the bus :slight_smile:

So I am sorry - truly :slight_smile:

I owe ya a beer …


Hey Bert - don’t worry, no offence taken - the cautionary warning was entirely appropriate :slight_smile: