Downloading Toad Edge CLI got "system in maintenance" message

I am using Toad Edge in Trial license and tried to download the CLI. But am getting “system in maintenance” message since last Friday (4/6).

I was downloading via the “here” link on Toad Edge 1.2 - User Guide/Toad Edge command line interface/To use Toad Edge CLI manually section.

Hi, can you access this URL?

there is download link for CLI

I am now getting “License was not valid or could not be linked to an account” message. Below are steps I followed.

  1. launch the URL provided by Miroslav
  2. clicked on the download icon for CLI and was prompted to create a support account.
  3. entered my trial license number in the Asset Number field
  4. entered my business email, first and last name
  5. clicked on the Create Account button, and got the invalid message
    Not sure if trial license number is blocking CLI download.

Logged in with my account today and tried to download the CLI. Am getting a different error message below.

Unable to Process Your Request

Sorry for the inconvenience, we temporarily cannot process your request. Please log out, close your browser and reinitiate your session. Please contact a customer service for immediate assistance if the issue continues to occur.

Hi, have you contacted Support?

Anyway, we are trying to investigate and solve this issue.


Miroslav Stanik