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Unable to start DevOps tool kit


When I attempt to run the sample ‘SchemaCompare’ power shell script I am returned the error message below even though I have a valid Trial License for the product. I have also created 4 ‘Access keys’ using the License Manager tool. The error persists . What am i not doing right ?


PS C:\mystuff\toaddo> ./compareschemas
Exception calling “Execute” with “0” argument(s): “No valid license found. Please request a license from Toad World”
At C:\mystuff\toaddo\CompareSchemas.ps1:36 char:33

  •  $TDT.CompareSchemas.Execute <<<< ()
    • CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: [], MethodInvocationException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : ComMethodTargetInvocation


Additional Information=>

PS C:\mystuff\toaddo> $TDT = New-Object -ComObject ‘Toad.ToadAutoObject’
PS C:\mystuff\toaddo> $TDT.Licensing

APIKey :
DaysRemaining : 0
Description :
ExpirationDate : 12/30/1899 12:00:00 AM
LicenseNumber :
Status : Invalid
Quantity :


It looks like your trial license isn’t valid for some reason. I would suggest contacting support and they should be able to get you setup with a valid license.


Hi Varad,

It also looks like you may be missing a valid API key locally on your machine. There may be some created up in your account in Toad World Subscriptions, but TDT needs one locally installed on your server. Unfortunately, right now we’re currently having a caching issue on one of our servers that may prevent you from logging in to create a local API key within the license manager. We’re working on the issue and hope to have it resolved shortly.



The caching issue has been resolved. You should be able to log in and validate your license again.



Thanks for the update John.
At the moment I am using a ‘Trial’ license. I have deleted and re-added this license using the ‘License Manager’ tool and have also added ‘Access keys’. The problem persists however.





Last Used


Nate August 21, 2018 Never Active  Revoke
Evaluation4 August 21, 2018 Never Active  Revoke
Evaluation3 August 21, 2018 Never Active  Revoke
Evaluation2 August 21, 2018 Never Active  Revoke
Evaluation August 20, 2018 Never Active  Revoke


Hey Varad,

If you’re using the License Manager tool that shipped with Toad Devops Toolkit, and you add an access key, the currently installed key will have the phrase “(default)” next to it. If there are no entries with that phrase next to it, there are none installed on the local machine.

Are you using the local License Manager tool shipped with Toad Devops Toolkit, or are you using the website to manage your keys?



I am using the License Manager tool that shipped with the Toad Devops Toolkit.
Upon launch, I enter my credentials and on the resulting screen I click on the ‘Licenses’ link at the top right.
This causes a browser to pop-up with the URL’

I am asked to enter my credentials again after which I can see the License / Access keys screen.



Hi Varad,

It sounds like you may be sitting behind a proxy, or you’re still affected by the caching issue I mentioned. When you see the “Licenses” link in the top right and click on it, you’re taken to the web’s management UI page. At that point, you’re no longer managing your keys from inside TDTLM. You can create API keys on there, but it won’t automatically save it locally to your machine.

Check with your local administrator to see if you’re behind a proxy server. If you are, click the system icon in the upper-left-hand corner, select “Proxy Settings”, and enter your proxy information in there. Then log into TDTLM. If the login is successful, you won’t see a “Licenses” link in the upper-right-hand corner of the page – it will simply open up the licensing information directly in TDTLM.

If it’s the second issue, it’s possible one cache server hadn’t fully been updated yet. If so, try it again in a bit and see if you still experience the same issue.



We do have a proxy when connecting out to the internet. I did specify proxy settings as you suggested, however, I continue to see the ‘Licenses’ link at the top right as before.
I do need to verify with the network admins here to confirm that the proxy is not blocking the License manager tool. I will do this tomorrow and update this post.



I have set up proxy params as below
Requires Authentication=checked
Credentials=windows login credentials

Our n/w engineer would like to know the URLs the License manager accesses in order to determine whether these URLs are blocked at the proxy or else where at the firewall.



Hi Varad,

You can right-click on the login page and select “Properties” to see what web pages are being referenced. However, there are two domains that should not be blocked:



If you have those two, you should be good. After you go through the login process and see the page that has the “Licenses” link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, if you right-click on that page and select “Properties”, what url is it reporting for you?



Hi John

Below are the values shown for the ‘URL’ in the “properties” screen for the ‘Login’ and the ‘Post Login’ pages.

Login Page

Post Login page


Hi Varad,

It looks like you’re still pulling down an old version of a resource file TDT uses. The first link you posted has a reference to “”, which should say “”. We updated this file yesterday on our servers; but due to a caching issue, they were still returning the old version. It looks like your proxy server may be doing the same. I would check to make sure your local proxy server has all its caches purged so it can pull the latest version of the file from our server. I suspect that may fix your problem. So you know what you’re looking for, the resource file in question is named “online_resources.xml”.

Let me know what you find!




No change after proxy cache flush. Still see '” for the Login Page.



Hi Varad,

If you can, on the proxy server itself (or any machine not sitting behind the proxy), can you open a browser and enter the URL:

In the XML file, look for “tdt_openid_redirecturl” . Does the entry there reference the “community” site or the standard “www” site?



See below.




I see the same URL even if I retrieve the XML file from a proxied connection…



Hi Varad,

Did you try to post a screenshot? If so, I don’t think it made it through. Also, are you saying that you’re getting the same URL in the XML file from machines that are both behind and not behind your proxy?