Drag and Drop Column Names in Toad Data Point (64 bit)


I recently upgraded to Toad Data Point (64 bit). It seems like I now cannot drag and drop column names from the Object Explorer to the Editor.

Prior to the upgrade this would give me a nice comma separated output saving me time on my query. Now I get the Circle with a slash through it.

This does work for tables. The behavior there is a context box comes up prompted me if I want to insert name, select statement, etc.

I did go to the Drag and Drop options and saw that everything was set to "Insert name". Although I did not see a Type for columns.

Any help is much appreciated. This is my go to feature for building queries.



let me get QA to test this.

Thank you Debbie.

There is another odd thing I noticed that may be related. The typical Ctrl+Shift and the right or left arrows to highlight a word at a time seems to no longer work.

I tested with a regular notepad and it's still working there so it seems to be local to the TDP Editor.



Hi Brian,
I've tested the DragNDrop and it works fine for me in TDP 5.0.7. Please wait for this next release and test it for yourself.
The other one with shortcuts is a bug. Currently CTRL + SHIFT highlighting shortcuts do not work in Editor. The issue number is QAT-15111.

Thanks Dan. Will Ctrl+Shift work in 5.0.7 also? What is the ETA on 5.0.7? If it's going to be more than a week or two I probably want to roll back to a previous version.

5.0.7 is release ready meaning no more code changes. QAT-15111 did not make this release. It usually takes another 2 -3 weeks after being release ready before it is available for GA.

Ok understood. Thank you both for your prompt attention to my questions!


I installed Toad Data Point (64 bit) this morning. However I am still getting the circle with a slash when attempting to click and drag column names.

You said it worked for you with 5.0.7. Can I be doing something to cause it not to work? A Toad Option maybe? I have searched the settings but do not see anything that sticks out.



I've found QAT-15117 that appears to address your issue with DragNDropping to Editor. It's already fixed and it should be in the next release in October.