Drag & Drop on Toad SqlServer version


I would like to report this issue on this version:

  • Drag and Drop, dragging field label from "Result Set" to Sql Editor or from Object Explorer to Editor: it is forbidden

Maybe is there a new option to toggle this feature?

Please give me some feedback about it..


Hi sarce,
I'll try to reproduce and get back to you.

You're right. This appears to be broken. I opened up QAT-15140 to work on this.

Thanks Dan,

I hope this will be fixed soon.

What do you use this feature for? How often do you think you use it?

Very often. I use this feature simply to write sql code faster, picking field labels directly from query result, inserting it in my script.

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Hello Dan,
I posted this same issue a few days ago before finding this thread.

Any updates on resolving this issue?

Looks like this is still broken on v7.0.7. Any timeline for a fix?

this is fixed in Toad for SQL Server/DB2 7.1 - TDP 5.1 - Toad for SAP Solutions 4.1.
Currently scheduled to go out in half of October.

Hi Dan,
Actually as the original thread, we are needing to know if your have made any progress in resolving the issue with not being able to Drag&Drop a column from 'Result Sets' (not object explorer) into the Editor panel.
This is particular helpful when building and modifying a query.
To repeat this issue: first execute a query. Once you have the results of the query, in 'Result Sets' window (again, not the object explorer as your screen shot display), try to drag & drop any column name onto the Editor.
As you will see when using Toad for SQL Server (64bit), it fails.

Yes, this does work too - just tested this. Though, thanks for reporting on another case!