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Toad 6.5: Drag 'n' Drop SQL files only works with an open Editor window

HI again guys. My apologies for these posts, but I thought I would document what I find, as I find them here. If you prefer a more suitable location, please let me know.

Here is another one. How TOAD handles drag-n-drop SQL files is not consistent or as expected.

Steps to replicate:

  • Open Explorer (Windows) and have an SQL file (filename.sql) ready to drag into TOAD
  • Open a new TOAD session
  • Try and drag the SQL file across to TOAD into the grey area (or the Editor pane)
  • Nothing happens as the mouse icon is a DO NOT GO sign. This is probably OK as I have not opened a connection
  • Try and drag the SQL file over to the Connection Manager
  • The mouse icon changes to a “possible” drop symbol. But if I let go of the mouse, nothing happens. I would have expected it to automatically open my connection to the database and drop the SQL file into a new Editor window.
  • Now try this…
  • Open a connection
  • Try and drag the SQL file over to the opened connection.
  • Again, nothing happens, even though the mouse icon changes to a drop here icon!
  • Now press CTRL-N to open a new editor window
  • Drag the SQL file into the new window
  • It drops! Horray! BUT, it actually opens the file into a new file tab - not into the blank editor window I just created!
    Something to consider in your next release guys!



Thank you very much for your suport! I try his steps, and I reproduce this result.

Like you said, maybe here has three problem:

  1. When there has no connection, drag the file to Toad grey area, it’s better to open the file. not show Do not go sign.

  2. When drag the SQL file over to the Connection Manager, the symbol and actual result is inconsistent.

  3. When drag the file to existing Editor, it should open in current editor. not new editor window.

We will create task TSS-708 for this and will discuss how to do better in these case.

If you have more question or idea, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks again,


Thanks Kelly.