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Droping a versioned DB object from script, Toad, Team Coding, TFS 2010


I am working on a project that includes versioning Oracle DBs using Toad, Team
Coding and TFS2010. We are using MSSCCI provider and Toad 10.6.

I have discovered the following behavior and would like to know what to do about

I would like to drop a DB function that is under version control.

I open a new editor window and execute the command “drop function
function_name” with right privileges.

The result is:


To delete right click on the object in the Team Coding Viewer and select Delete
from the pop up menu.



Thank you for your answer.

I am aware of this action but unfortunately it is disabled for all objects under
version control. The situation does not change if I first check out my object.

Any ideas why this option is disabled?

Thanx, Ana

Hi Ana,

Can you check your Team Coding Roles … you need TC_LDR to delete Team Coding
objects …


Or log in as the Team Coding Administrator user, usually ‘Toad’?

Hello everybody,

Thank you for your answers.

The TOAD user ( Team Coding Administrator ) actually has this right TC_LDR
enabled and can delete the object from the context menu in Team Coding Viewer
using the action “Delete”.

I was constantly working as other DB users and therefore did not get to realize
this fact.

Nevertheless, the object is still not deleted from TFS when you perform this
action. I still have to delete it manually from TFS in Team Explorer. Do you
have any comments about that?

Cheers, Ana

Hi Ana .

Currently Toad does not support deleting objects from the Version Control
Provider … so you must delete manually from TFS …