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Duplicate Database


i have a Oracle 12c DB on Windows Server 2012 in Single mode (not CDB or PDB) with archivelog mode and i must create a TestDB from the active DB on the same server.

How can i make this ?



If it’s, then you can set up a CDB somewhere and create a pluggable from your existing “normal” database. I wrote a blog about this last year.…/how-to-clone-a-database-across-servers-without-copying-files


sory, but we have a Oracle .

What is the reason for this situation.


Create a second instance of Oracle on the box. Either do a cold database restore of the primary datafiles or do simple Export imports. There are quite a few ways to do what you want.

It is possible, to make this work with toad ? Toad is a very good tool, but a database cloning can i not make ?!