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Duplicate field name

I’ve noticed this for a while, but keep forgetting to report it.

I have a named SQL that contains a bunch of SQL and PL/SQL statements I use for monitoring some of our daily processes. I have noticed that sometimes after I’ve had it open for a while and try to run one of the queries, I get an error message

[Error] Execution (4: 6): Qry: Duplicate field name ‘JOB_ID’

If I try to run a different SQL on that tab, I get the duplicate field name error for a different field but what is interesting is I don’t even have a field name in my query that looks anything like the one reported.

[Error] Execution (180: 6): Qry: Duplicate field name ‘Quest$$Toad$$Rec$$No$$___’

Copying the entire tab’s contents to another tab, all the SQL runs just fine.



Phyllis Helton

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Quest$$Toad$$Rec$$No$$___ is an internal hidden field that we use for Row #. I don’t know why it is getting duplicated, unless maybe there was some prior error that prevented the field from being destroyed when the previous query was closed.