Duration in days between dates in Cleanse

Dear All,I usually calculate in 'Cleanse' like I formerly did with Brio. In this case I want to calcultate the days between two dates. In Brio it was possible to substrate Date A with Date B but in TDP it does not work. There is a formula for month but I need exact days. How can I solve it without writing a SQL?

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Different databases may have different ways of accomplishing date calculations, as not all dates are handled/stored the same way. Oracle, for example, allows you to subtract two dates to yield the number of days between. Other databases have specific built-in functions to perform the calculation, like a DAYSDIFF() or DATEDIFF() or similar.

See snap below for an example... database is SQL Server...

Dear Gary, thank you very much for answering. I am working with data on an Oracle Server. Unfortunately my TDP does not give me the possibility to choose DATEDIFF()

Hi @svenja.carstens

I hope you've found a solution to your problem. If not, here's a suggestion that might help you calculate the difference in days between two date columns in Oracle: