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Echo SQL - Can it be turned off in Preferences?

Using SQL Navigator

Would like to set a Code Editor preference to have the
the Echo SQL button OFF.

The apparent default is ON and cannot find a preference
entry anywhere to set to OFF.

Yes, I can use the mouse to turn it off, but am getting
carpal from the unnecessary and continual clicking … grrrr!

Thanks for any advice!

  • Fred

Hi Fred

You are right we do not have a preference for ECHO.

Rather than have a preference i think this button should be persistent, so it will remember whatever state you last selected.

If it is Ok with you, I will raise an enhancement request and we will try and do this in 7.0.


Hi Lidia -

Thanks for checking this out.

I suppose a “persistent” button would be some improvement over current operation.

But, I would much prefer a Preference setting. With a “persistent” button I would still have to check at the beginning of every SQL*Nav session that it is set as I want it, before I drag my usual 20 working files and have to then tediously click … click … click … to set it off …

That good old C language catchphrase “Strong Typing for Weak Minds” does not mean you need to wear out your fingers …

Good luck, keep me posted on 7.0

Hi Fred

I probably should have explained a little better, what I meant by “persistent” is that it will remember the last state that was selected.

So if you turn it OFF once it will always be off and if you turn it ON, it will always be on, for all sessions.