Tooltips won't stay enabled

Hi SQL Navigator team – Long time user of SQLNav and very impressed by the discussions on this forum and your willingness to address issues/new features brought up by users. So here’s my question/problem – no matter how often I enable them, I can’t get my tooltips to remain enabled in SQLNavigator. I’ll go in and check the “Show tooltips on toolbars” box in Customize to enable them, shutdown SQLNavigator, and when I come back in they’re disabled. Even when they are enabled, I can’t seem to get them to come up. Tooltips work fine in Windows and other applciaitons just not SQLNav.

I’ve checked the registry and everything looks right. ShowHint has a 1 in each key. I’m totally stumped as to why it wouldn’t be retained. I tried runnign as administrator just to rule that out being a Windows7 issue. But, it didn’t work in 6.3 on XP either. Yet, everything else I change in the customize dialog seems to work and be retained.

Is there someplace else I should be going to enable these?

Windows7 SP1

Hi Mark,

Could you please check in your SQL Navigator preference window under menu View->Preferences. Please turn on the Hints option as attached screen shot, I believe that it would retain the show hint for you.

Thanks andr regards,

Thanks Bruce. After all this time, it was that simple. I wasn’t expecting that setting to be controlled in two spots.

Looks like that did the trick perfectly. Thanks again.

Thanks Mark for letting us know. You are very welcome. Glad that we could help.