Editing query in Toad - adding CASE WHEN THEN ELSE

Hello Toad community,
I am trying to insert a Case When statement into an existing query. I keep getting an error message. What am I doing wrong? I noticed the very tiny red flag in the line after the End appendage. Is this the problem? How can I resolve this?


Is this Toad for Oracle, Toad Data Point, or something else?

Looks like Toad Data Point. You are in the Toad for Oracle forum.

I don't mind moving your post, just let me know which product you've got.

Sorry yes, this is for Toad Data Point. Please move it to the correct forum.

Thank you

I didn't test on my system, but it looks like you just need a comma after the END, because AL3.OH_QTY cannot be used as the alias for your CASE statement.

Hi, Just put an alias for the result of case, but not for a table, because a result case is a calculated field.
THEN ...
ELSE ...