editing values in describe view

Normally editing values in describe view works, but lately it seems that newer fields in tables will seem to allow the edit, but upon refreshing the window after commit the changes have reverted. Other fields in the same row will update fine. Any idea what is the cause behind this?

Toad for Oracle

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What are the column names? There was a bug in 9.7 where columns of certain names
looked like they would take the edit, but they didn’t.

the most recent is TYPE, and I think one in a different table was RECORD_STATUS

I could see having problems with TYPE because it is a plsql keyword.
Record_status ought to be OK though.

All of this is fixed in the current version. The only workaround that I can
think of for you is to make another view just like your current one, except with
different column names.

I appreciate the help. I’ll install 10.6 and see how it goes. Was really more of an annoyance than any real problem. Update statements worked fine as did toad’s internal edit command.