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Editor editor issues

I recently joined 12.8 beta.

Overall impression it’s quite unstable - editor freezes frequently for few seconds- could not see any pattern, mostly around providing parameters for functions.

content of Dropdown with objects is filled lower case not like in previous versions - is this intentional?

To get following code

procedure gen_export( p_fiile_id is

I spent 15 secs waiting

procedure gen_export( p_fiile < = here 5 sec

procedure gen_export( p_fiile_id table_nam <= 5 secs

procedure gen_export( p_fiile_id is <=5 secs

for “end ;” - another few secs.

I believe the freezing is Code Insight. Are you working in large PL/SQL when this happens or is this for SQL too, even smaller statements?

Lowercase, it’s using the option to use lowercase object names incorrectly. It should in be inserting your selections in lowercase, but displaying them in the popup in the case as stored in the data dictionary.

The lowercase issue is resolved for next beta

If you can send me the entire script/file/DDL you’re working on and indicate the line you’re editing I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Michel it’s PL/SQL - body of package not too big 800 lines.

I’m sorry - I’ll have to try to recreate it on some “dummy” code.

Don’t worry about an example, I was able to create one here with a package. Thanks.