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Re: Fwd: More TOAD 12.0.061 bugs / issues

Paul, I plan on working through the Editor issues today.

  1. I hope to have this fixed or at least better for next beta. I ran into a scenario yesterday that resulted in non-cancellable tab. I fixed that one. There are a couple of other flags that would enable the cancel button and prevent tab closure that I’ll look into as well.

  2. I’ll investigate. Not all editor controls are tied to your PL/SQL highlighter, but those that are should use the PL/SQL highlighter settings throughout. The bulk of the other editors are using the Plain Text highlighter which is an empty shell, but all editor controls should be obeying the global back/search/highlight colors on the Editor|Display options page.

  3. Feel free to add this to the Idea Pond

  4. This should most certainly act on the selection if there is one and the entire object if not. We are running short on time for the 12.1 release, but if it’s an easy change I’ll implement it, otherwise I’ll need to wait until next release.

  5. I agree completely. It’s a complex editor, more complex than it should be. I’ve been looking at alternatives during downtime between releases. Scintilla is looking really nice, but an Editor swap is quite a bit of work so unless time is specifically allocated for I’ll continue building up a usable component from Scintilla that will hopefully make it into Toad. Scintilla is still a beast and advanced configuration might be tedious, but it seems easier to work with for simple decoration tweaks and all of the parsing details are hidden from the user. Currently the Editor throws all of the parsing logic in your face with the regular expressions and overly complex settings for code folding and what not. This is more powerful, but probably a hindrance for the vast majority.

  6. I can’t remember if this was addressed by someone else, but I’ll investigate if it’s still an issue in the current beta.


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Thread created by PaulZip

  1. If the database a TOAD editor window is connected to goes down or is taken offline, you are often left with the situation where you can’t shut down the session, or an editor tab - even after reconnecting. I often find I also cannot shut TOAD down and have to kill the process in Task Manager. This happens a lot. I also get a panel below the messages, which shows errors, and once the error window is closed cannot be filled.

  2. Cancel query often doesn’t work, leads to non-closeable tabs.

  3. Please please please make sure all editor windows obey the colour settings. Some don’t, it’s very annoying!

My editor colours are dark to protect my eyes. Default background is dark blue with light text colours.

Examples of the many dialogs that don’t obey my settings. how am I supposed to read this?!!! My background default is totally ignored. Not everyone likes a white background.

  1. The new “Open” dialog never remembers the display settings and always defaults back to “Medium Icons”. I get sick and tired of setting it to details every single time.

  2. The sync scripts generated by the DB compare tool don’t use monospaced fonts, so it is extremely unreadable especially if some minor editing is required, it should use the font defined for editing.

  3. All of the times in the Profile Analysis (Total Execution Time, Average Execution Time, Min and Max Time) need to be group-able by the top Run Object, not all run objects when column sorting. Timings are generally pertinent to the Run Object, not to everything else!. Perhaps you could add Shift Column click sorting to sort by multiple columns or allow grouping?

  4. TOAD editor really needs a “comment selected block” to accompany comment block. This would put a /* */ pair around the selected text.

  5. Auto Debugger needs a “Apply Auto Debugger to Selected Block”. I sometimes only want to auto debug a small block of code, not have 40,000 debug entries put into a package for everything. This feature has been wanting for a while.

  6. Master Detail Browser has no facility clear and start again in the same window.

  7. Colour set-up for the syntax highlighter on the editor is incomprehensible.

  8. DBMS_Output (DO) automatic polling. Very useful as long as an exception in code doesn’t occur. Sometimes you add DO to get to the root of an unexpected exception, but it doesn’t return any. Could this poll before any exception is re-raised to show the buffer?