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Editor column paste bugs

The new editor doesn’t do columnal pastes correctly. It seems to have been broken since its introduction, yet this gets used all the time by our developers. Simple example below. I’m editing and want to select the v values 10, 20, 30, 40 and paste them over the top of x1 values. Alt + mouse (column select). Ctrl + C (copy).

v1 := 10;
v2 := 20;
v3 := 30;
v4 := 40;

x1 := 50;
x2 := 60;
x3 := 70;
x4 := 80;

Attempt 1. Column select the x1 values, paste. FAIL.

Attempt 2. Column caret just before x values (Alt + mouse drag), paste. FAIL.

Attempt 3. Start position caret (just before 50), paste. FAIL.

The resultant paste results are mental!

Any comments about this from the TOAD team?

Our editor guy will be back on Monday to provide some commentary.

Disable the Copy text in Rich Text Format option on the Editor|Behavior page in Options. The problem is with the copy and not the paste. I started writing up the detailed explanation, but it turns into run-on gibberish quickly. Basically this is a known issue and the fix is not trivial so I’d just disable that option. The only thing you lose there is syntax highlighting if you paste into an application that understands RTF like Word or Outlook.