Copy comma seperated colum value from result grid

Hi all,

I was using another product, that has one functionality that allow us

  1. to select column value from result grid and paste in editor section. If the
    colum selected is number it will paste as (#,#,#…) and if its character value
    it will paste (‘char1’,‘char2’,…)
    Is there any similiare functionality in toad (V10.1.1.8/11g client)

  2. If i select column from excel, it will also do same while pasting in sql
    editor. depending on type of data it will paste as explain above.


Does Toad has this functionality ?

Toad can do a lot of things (I would bet more than product X), but this is
something it doesn’t do.

Thanks John,

This would be wonderful feature to add this in future release.