Editor: "Open file location"

Good day,

It would be helpful if there was an option to "Open file location" when right clicking on the tab in the editor.


Hi Carlos,

That's not a bad idea.

As a workaround (sort of): click the "open" or "Save as" button. It should default to the current folder. You could do what you want in that dialog, then cancel out.


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Thanks John!, good output

You can almost do it by setting up Explorer as an external tool, but there is no parameter there for "active editor folder", only "Active editor file"


It just opens an exlorer without the tab file path.

If you put $FIL as a macro in the "Parameters" box, it opens the active editor file.

We don't have a macro for "Active Editor Folder", but I am going to add that feature for you and then it should do what you want.

I configure it as you indicate and it opens the notepad of the file of the active tab.

It's a good idea to enable another macro with the folder path.
thanks john