Editor pick-list issues

When table is not aliased, selecting from pick-list double-quotes the table name, in lower-case (incorrect). That’s not how it displays in the pick-list.

WHERE “dual”.dummy = ‘X’

If I choose COUNT(*) from the pick-list, it is also double-quoted.

After typing a closing parenthesis or an ending semicolon, pick-list pops up. It should wait for some sort of white-space or syntactically correct delimiter.

When the pick-list pops up and I hit without choosing any entry, it pastes the 1st entry. I don’t think anything should be pasted unless I explicitly select it.

The first issue, “dual”.dummy, should be OK in next beta. I’ll roll with it and see what happens. If there are still any lingering issues they will likely be with identifiers that do require double quotes although I didn’t see any problems in a quick set of tests.

The second issue, COUNT(*) being double quoted, is fixed for next beta.

The third issue is more or less a display problem as a result of fixing this bug which also came up through our official support channel. In the past the top item would be selected automatically. This is not as easily done now so the concession was just to accept the first item on Enter press despite it not being selected. The behavior is now the same as in older versions although you don’t see the selection. I need to revisit this one at some point to visualize the selection, but just know that it functions the same as in the past and Enter accepts and ESC cancels if you want to discard the popup.



Thanks Michael for your first 2 fixes.

For the 3rd issue, I can live with the “Enter selects top item” if the pick-list was not popping up after semicolons and closing parentheses and such, resulting in invalid syntax. Is there a way to make this more usable so it won’t pop up when not appropriate?

Michael, is it possible to prevent pick list popup after characters such as semicolon, closing parenthesis - these are 2 primary characters after which I commonly hit Enter and if I wait too long, the pick list pops up just as I’m hitting Enter resulting in invalid syntax.

Also, I’m curious about the difference in behavior between having a closing parenthesis and not having one


SELECT upper(xx. – dot and ctrl/T do nothing here, no pick list

from dual xx;

SELECT upper(xx.) — type closing parenthesis, backup to dot and type ctrl/T and get pick list

from dual xx;

Both of these are logged.

I’ll look at adding closing paren, semicolon, and likely single and double quotes to the list of chars that exclude automatic Code Insight.

The second issue is part of a larger problem where the parser cannot recover from some syntax errors to make sense of the SQL downstream. In your first sample statement there is no closing parenthesis to the function call and that is a syntax error. The parser reports on the error and has no information regarding tables referenced in the from clause so Code Insight has nothing to display.

Close paren, quotes, and semicolon will not trigger it starting next beta.

Found an instance where pick list put in incorrect quotes:

SELECT * FROM dual,dual d1

WHERE d1.dummy = “dual”.dummy;

After the WHERE, I selected the first entry in the pick list and got the double-quoted table name.

BTW, I do love how it lists column joins in some cases :slight_smile:

Fixed for next beta.