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Editor toolbar icons disappeared in 6.8.1 - 32 bit

See the screenshots:



The 64-bit version has the same problem.

Hi costabas,

DId you migrate from v6.7 settting?

Could you send your v6.7 support bundle file to us and help us to found issue?

and you can try to reset toolbar for this workaround.

Yes, I did migrate from 6.7.

I am not sure what the support bundle file is.

Resetting the toolbar worked, but the empty buttons are still there. No big.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I just wanted to add that I migrated my development to a new win 2012 r2 vm. I installed Toad 6.8 and the toolbars are fine. So the issue might have something to do when installing Toad 6.8 on a box that has 6.7 installed.

Hi costabas,

we are tryting to reproduce this problem, still investigating.