Turn off hover pops up the object details in sql

Hi. Is there a way to turn off the show object details when the mouse hovers over a object name in a select statement in the edit window?


edit: Toad for DB2

In Toad DB2 6.2 there is no way to turn off the popup object details, however in our new 6.3 version - currently in beta - there is an option (via tools - options) to turn that off.

If the Editor - Tools - 'Show information popups for Objects' checkbox is unchecked - you will not get those popups.

Please try our Toad DB2 6.3 beta and let us know what you think - it is available at:



Thanks for the info. beta software isn’t an option for me.

FYI - We are targeting to have our v6.3 GA release out near the end of March 2017 and that will contain the feature…

Ok this is strange, I have tried this repeatedly over the past month. Finally posting this inquiry on toad forum. After typing out this response, I go back into tools: options: "show info..." and un-check it, I click 'apply' and it worked.... after previously not working 20 times!!! Whatever.... ignore the below.

Hello Jeff, I have this same issue. I found this option and unchecked it, however when I do, and then I press apply or ok, I get the following window message: "object reference not set to an instance of an object".

Ultimately I can't find a good explanation of how to neutralize that ERROR popup window, which apparently is disallowing me from continuing with the un-checking "show info... for objects" box.

Subsequently I have to exit out without changes being made and I still have to contend with the large popup in the ide script editor.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Nate

If you are not using our latest version (7.0.6) I suggest you give that a try as we have made many fixes and enhancements since 2017.