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Brand new to Toad. Researching for use in a DBMS class using both Oracle and SQL Server. Does the educational license allow students to use the free version as long as they are students? Is there a seat-limit per school for this version (which would pretty much negate it as a teaching option). Appreciate any feedback and guidance. Did not see a simple explanation for the educational license. Thanks.


Hi dmarrerox24,

The education license of Toad allows students to use the commercial base edition of TOAD for free, which generally has more features (and less restrictions) than the free edition of TOAD. Licenses are granted through the Toad Academic Program, which can be located here:…/resources-academic-program.aspx

Students can register, download, and receive licenses through this program, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements listed on the site’s page. Instructors can also register for the program, and I believe can specify the size of their classroom for installations within a lab environment. I don’t believe there’s a per-seat limit, but I do believe the registration process asks you to specify the number of computers in your lab.

I hope this information helps. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!



Thx for this very interesting info.


This link…/resources-academic-program.aspx

Does not work! Do you have a new one for students?


Hi elderdo,

We have discontinued the academic program at this time.