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Empty Change Script (SQL Server 2014)



I am using Toad data modeler (release on windows 10) and I am trying to use the Change Script Wizard to obtain an script that align model structure of a table (SQL Server 2014) with is corresponding target database.

I click Model -> generate change script -> Run

After completing all steps I see an image as the attached one that summarizes differences

but after clicking on Finisih the SQL File Viewer that should show the script does appear empty.


Any idea about what am I doing wrong?




Hello Alfons,

We've tested it and it works properly for us. Without further information, we aren't able to find out the problem.
Please provide following info

  • Is there any error (red text) in Message Explorer (by default, it¨s placed at the bottom of the screen. If not opened, you can open it from main menu: Window > Message Explorer Log) after you've performed Change Script generation?
  • After change script, perform test of the model and check if there is any error in Message Explorer (see image bellow, in order to activate this action you must be in Expert Mode: Settings > Options... > General > Expert Mode).

  • Make 2 simple models (1st with entity and 2nd with entity with attribute) and let us know if it worked or not
  • What is origin of those models? Local model vs Reversed model? 2 local models?
  • Can you post us screenshots of Change Script wizard steps - we will be able to better understand the settings.
  • Can you provide info about enabled databases? Settings > Add/Remove Databases...

Best regards, Michal.