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Encryption clause of Tablespace DDL is missing

We have 2 versions of with DB Admin Module.

On one install when we go to tablespaces in Schema Browser, then click on script we can see the tablepsace DDL with the encryption clause.

On the other install we try the same action on the same database, same tablespace in Schema Browser the tablespace DDL is missing the encryption clause.

The tablespace is encrypted as we can see it in the properties.

I looked through all the script options and didn’t see any options to include/exclude this option from being generated.

It happens on all methods to create tablespaces.

Are you logging in as the same user in each copy of Toad? To include encryption info, Toad has to query v$encrypted_tablespaces and sys.ts$, so if you are connecting as different users, maybe both users don’t have select privileges on both of these.

That was it…thanks. I was in as a DBA account and the other instance was schema owner.